CAP Barbell Black Olympic Rubber Grip Weight Plates, Single
  • ✔ CONSTRUCTION – These weights are made from solid cast iron and covered in rubber to provide a protective layer around the weight. The rubber coating prevents floors, equipment, and the weight itself from getting chipped or damaged.
  • ✔ FEATURES – These Olympic weights have a 2″ center hole to fit on Olympic bars. Each weight features grip holes to provide a secure grip. Rubber coating ensures a durable weight that will last a long time & prevents damage to equipment and floors.
  • ✔ VERSATILE – Weight plates can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training, and to increase flexibility and balance. A single weight plate can also be used for warm-up exercises.
  • ✔ CHOICES – These weights are available in 2. 5, 5, 25, 35 and 45 lbs. The 25, 35 and 45 lb weights have grip holes for a secure grip when loading and unloading the weights.
CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Rubber Bumper Plate, Single
  • ✓ CONSTRUCTION – Steel inner hub designed to withstand drops without damage; Virgin and recycling rubber; Odor-free bumper plates
  • ✓ PRO – Weight is accurate within 5-grams; For use with Olympic bars
  • ✓ FUNCTIONAL – Easily load and unload these weights onto any Olympic style bar; Slim, uniform diameter for evenly distributed impact
  • ✓ EASY IDENTIFICATION – Color coded by size for easy identification; Each sold individually
HulkFit Olympic 2-Inch Rubber Bumper Plate
  • Bumper plates are constructed of high density rubber with solid stainless steel inserts that can withstand repeated drops and with minimal bounce
  • Each bumper plate has an inner ring with a diamter of 2″ and fits any olympic barbell, dumbbell bar or sled with a 2″ diameter
  • Each bumper plate is color coded for easy identification and labeled in both lbs and kgs
  • Hulkfit plates are sold in singles, pairs and sets
  • IMPORTANT – 10lb plates can bend when dropped ALONE while on a barbell
CAP Barbell Rubber Olympic Plate
  • Made of durable rubber
  • CAP bumper plate with slim, uniform diameter (for evenly distributed impact)
  • Steel inner hub is designed to withstand drops without damage
  • Odor free
  • Rubber design reduces weight room noise and is designed to withstand drops
Ader Rubber Coated Olympic Grip Plate(s)
  • Rubber coated Olympic plates (picture for reference only)
  • 5 LBS
  • Sold as a pair
  • Rubber coated to protect floors and equipment
  • Accommodates 2″ bars
Hulk Olympic Fractional Weight Plates - Micro Weight Plates
  • Set of 8 x 0.5 lb plates to fit any Olympic bar, adding 0.5lb at a time, up to 4 lbs
  • Progressive overloading or micro loading builds strength and muscle efficiently and safely. A great way to acheieve new personal records!
  • Fractional weight plates or micro weights plates are great to use alone for warm up exercises particular for shoulder and rotator cuff exercises and rehab
  • Solid rubber bumper plates. Easier and more comfortable to transport in your bag with no clanking. Safer to use at home compared to metal plates. Safe to throw at the ground when you celebrate that new one-rep max! Corrosion and Rust Resistent
  • Flat plates are easy to pack and are a great alternative to light dumbells for travel
CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Weight Plate
  • ✔ CONSTRUCTION – Made of solid cast iron and coated in black rubber to add a layer of protection for fitness equipment and floors and safety for the user. Ground edges and machine center hole ensure a standardized product.
  • ✔ VERSATILE – Weight plates can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training, and to increase flexibility and balance. A single weight plate can also be used for warm-up exercises.
  • ✔ FEATURES – Standard plates have a 1-inch center hole to accommodate standard bars. Each weight features a black rubber coating for a safer, durable product that will withstand grueling workouts.
  • ✔ CHOICES – These weights are available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, and 25 lbs.
  • ✔ TRUST – Trust experience. CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years with locations worldwide. Chances are, if you have ever worked out before you have used a CAP product.
CAP Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates, Pair
  • Set contains two 10 pound bumper plates
  • Made from virgin and recycled rubber
  • Steel insert allows secure fit and prevents damage to bar
  • Cast iron core provides balanced weight
  • Extremely Durable and Odorless
Steelbody Olympic Rubber Bumper Weight Plate
  • SOLID RUBBER – This weight plate has a premium construction and an elegant look. The dense structure combines design and performance. The rubber body is elastic and waterproof. It’s designed to protect your hands when in use, and the floor if dropped.
  • DESIGNED FOR OLYMPIC-SIZED BARS – This high-quality 25-pound plate is specifically designed for Olympic-sized bars. Its solid structure features a 2” center sleeve that offers exact contact between the plate and the bar.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CENTER SLEEVE – The center sleeve, made of stainless steel, allows smooth insertion of an Olympic-sized bar into the plate. It’s trimmed to let it to seamlessly integrate with the bar’s shaft.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN – The Olympic Weights Plate from Steelbody features a dense construction that’s to resist disintegration over time. The compact structure helps minimize fractures caused by high-impact drops.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME AND GYM USE – Suitable for fitness beginners and gym buffs, this plate allows you to train your way to more muscular physique in the conducive environment of a gym or in the comfort of your home.
SimpleL Olympic Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates
  • 【NATURAL RUBBER MATERIAL】 IFAST bumper plates are made of high-density, recycled natural rubber material, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. They are thinner than most barbell weights allowing users to load more weight on bars and weight carriage systems.
  • 【SECURE WEIGHTLIFTING BUMPER PLATE】 In order to offer superior control, each Olympic weight plate has a strong steel ring insert, which is bonded to the rubber. The 2 inch Universal smooth hole fits on the bar nicely, this will prevent the collar from moving, and fits all standard racks, sleds and bars.
  • 【QUIETER AND SAFER】 These durable barbell plates reduce the clanging and clattering noise you often hear when working out with a barbell. Our Olympic weight plates are more comfortable and protective than cast iron barbell weights.
  • 【AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE WEIGHTS AND SIZES】 IFAST Fitness bumper plates are sold individually or in pairs, plates are available in 10, 25, 35, 45, 55lbs. Each bumper plate is color coded for easy identification and labeled in both lbs and kgs.
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